Top 2 Symptoms Of Diabetes You Must Know

To know how to cure diabetes, first you will need to know what are the symptoms of diabetes. People with type 1 diabetes are dependent on insulin because the body is unable to produce insulin which is needed to break down the sugar in the blood. It is important for them to have at least have one insulin jab everyday to maintain the daily functions of the body.

It can be quite scary to be diagnosed with diabetes, therefore, it is important that you will have enough knowledge of what are the symptoms of diabetes. Here are the top 2 warning signs of diabetes which you can look out for.

Intense thirst

By experiencing intense thirst, no matter how much water you drink, you still feel very thirsty. This is the first tell tale sign of diabetes. Your body is pulling away the water from your blood, therefore you will feel the need to replenish water.

Frequent urination

Due to your over consumption of water, you will have more frequent trips to the toilet. It is ironic that you are not benefiting from the water intake at all as the water is being removed from your body almost immediately. As the kidneys cannot filter the glucose to the blood, thus they will withdraw water out from the blood to dilute the high glucose level in the kidneys.

The above mentioned are the symptoms of diabetes which you should look out for. Prevention is better than cure, be alert and aware of the tell tale signs of diabetes before it is too late.