Hypertension In Pregnancy

Hypertension is also referred with the other name called high blood pressure from which its meaning is simple and clear. If the reading of the blood pressure in the arteries is more than 140 mm hg then the blood pressure is supposed to be high in that particular person.

There are several women round the world who develop the high blood pressure related problems during their pregnancy. This is because pregnancy requires specific care of the body and if it is not done then it is usual for the women to suffer from the problems like hypertension in pregnancy. It is must to be presented and considered otherwise it can also show some of the fatal symptoms like heart attacks and strokes.

There are several women that deliver good and healthy Child without any complication even if they are suffering from the disease called hypertension. There are some women as well that suffers from the problems due to the hypertension related problems when they are pregnant. The hypertension disease can be dangerous for both that is for mother as well as for fetus.

The women who are suffering from severe hypertension or having hypertension earlier than they were pregnancy are more likely to show a few symptoms of it during their pregnancy. Some such women are also there who get developed hypertension when they are pregnant.

Impact of pregnancy

The impact of hypertension on pregnancy ranges from a mild to severe. The very first thing is that the high blood pressure related problems can harm to the kidneys or some other organs of the mother. Early delivery and low birth weight are the other problems faced by the pregnant women if they suffer from hypertension.


The preeclampsia which is also called the toxemia of pregnancy is also developed in some women. It is a very fatal problem for the fetus as well as for the mother. It usually starts at the 20th week of the pregnancy. The disease is related to the increase in the pressure of the blood as well as increased amount of proteins in the urine of the mother. It can easily affect the liver, brain and kidneys of the mother. Stillbirth, premature birth and low birth weight are some of the general symptoms / complications related to that of pregnancy by preeclampsia.

Precautions to be taken

This is the women are required to check their blood pressure level before becoming pregnant. You should consult to your doctor if you are already taking medication that whether you should stop taking pills and whether it is good to go pregnant or not.