Signs To Easy Diagnose The Atherosclerosis

The specialty of Atherosclerosis is that no symptoms are visible in the parts of the body until the disease reaches to its severe condition or it causes the complete blockage of the arteries.

Once any artery get severely affected, narrowed or just blocked it causes the Atherosclerosis symptoms to develop in the body of the person which are the result of the atherosclerosis.

Shortness of the breath and the chest pain are the symptoms in case if the impact goes on the coronary arteries. Sudden weakness and numbness especially in the parts / side of the body are felt by the patients if the problem in the artery carrying blood to brain occurs.

The Atherosclerosis symptoms are also caused by the blockage of artery of the legs, kidneys, pelvis or arms.

The symptom of Atherosclerosis may also be individual depending on exactly which part of the artery is being affected of it. in some cases the patients suffering from the same artery blockage problem may show the different symptoms which is very normal because there are many factors on which the symptoms of it depends upon.

Since it is known to be a progressive disease and hence the Atherosclerosis symptoms take time to develop and hence also take time to get completely cured. Still the brain, kidneys, arms, pelvis, legs and heart are the common locations on which the artery hardening occurs.

How the reverse Atherosclerosis take place

Preserving for all the optimal functions related to arteries are necessary / essential in order to maintain the appropriate flow of oxygenated blood to the various parts of the body. If the person prevents the plaque accumulation then he is also supposed to prevent the stroke, heart attack and some other cardiovascular diseases. The pomegranate and cocoa are known to be the very powerful antioxidants which at the same time do also helps in most of the cardiovascular diseases. They should be taken by the person to improve the cardiovascular health of the person also. This is why these are the products known to be causing the reverse Atherosclerosis.

The pomegranate and cocoa are known to be reversing the Atherosclerosis and the high blood pressure related problems. Along with being the reverse Atherosclerosis products they are also known to improve the function of the endothelia which sometime causes serious cardiovascular problems like diabetes and heart disease.

Today there are many clinical methods available to cure the problems related to Reverse Atherosclerosis but the natural recovery problems are most suitable and also suggested by most of the surgeons.